Here's what people are saying about Robert Jennings:


"Music is the language of all the ages. Guitar is it's conscience. Robert Jennings is the interpreter."

D.C. Mathias, Teacher
"...just sending this note to say how impressed I am with both your composing and your guitar work. Your excellent ... the last cut on Behold This Dreamer Cometh, really knocked me out!"

Bryan Sirchio
Songwriter and Performer

"It was great to hear your original compositions and the story behind all the pieces. From all the positive comments I heard, I know the audience truly enjoyed the concert."

Jo Ann Ziech
Program Coordinator
Downers Grove Library


"I loved the piece..." "Robert's piece And God Exists is played is theme music on my weekly program Art Talks With Bruce Carter."

Bruce Carter, Broadcaster
WVIK Public Radio

"I'm jealous of the talent you have ... so smooth."

Spike O'Dell

















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